Plasti Dip

What is Plasti Dip?

Plasti Dip allows you to update and customize the look of your vehicle while protecting your paint from everyday dangers including road debris, MAG chloride, weather, shopping carts, neighbour kids, wear and tear, etc.

The formula and technique we use allow’s us to spray the rubberised coating right over your existing factory paint job without causing any damage to the clear coat finish on your vehicle. What makes Plasti Dip so unique is how easy it is to remove in the event that you want to change colours, sell your car, re-spray after damage, or just return to your original paint. It takes no special tools, heat guns, or even adhesive remover. Simply open a door and work the edge back with just your fingers. The days of having to spend thousands of dollars on vinyl wraps and paint jobs are gone. Protect your investment with a more affordable solution.

Now what you waiting for? it’s time to give your car the magic dip!!!